PB & J Crumpets

Poached strawberries, w/ rose water jam & peanut butter topped off w/ vegan housemade coconut yogurt, coconut flakes, and pistachio.

Eggs your way on Toast

(We suggest adding some avo or mushrooms)

Green Tofu Scramble

A healthy mixture of organic tofu, zucchini, spinach, & herbs. Served w/ seeded sourdough, bruschetta mix, topped w/ basil oil and sumac

Eggs Benny

Our take on a classic, poached eggs, w/ thyme infused mushrooms, smashed lemon avo and bruschetta. Topped w/ hollandaise, served on activated charcoal sourdough

Acai Bowl

Sweet & delicious Acai smoothie served w/ granola, seasonal fruit & coconut sprinkle

Coconut French Toast

Served w/ seasonal fruits, textures of coconut, pistachio, our house-made vanilla cashew cream, & maple syrup

Strawberry Thyme Granola

Housemade lemon thyme yogurt, vanilla poached strawberries and toasted granola, served with a side of milk.

+ Soy/Coconut/Almond Mylk  1

Gluten Free Berrylicious Pancakes

w/ spiced berry compote, caramelised banana, toasted almonds and nuts.,vanilla cashew cream & persian fairy floss



The Jacko Burger

House-made pulled-pork style jackfruit, fresh cucumber, perfectly fried onions, greens, w/ chutney (Available till sold out)

+ vegan aioli 1.5

Sweet Potato & Quinoa Burger

Sweet potato & quinoa patty, kale-slaw, cashew mayo & house-made tomato chutney

+ Fried egg 3

+ Haloumi 4

The Miso Tofu Burger

Shiro miso marinated tofu, served w/ pickled red cabbage, wasabi mayo, cucumber and cos lettuce on an activated charcoal bun.

+ vegan aioli 1.5

The Herbivore

Freshly made GF chickpea Falafels & beetroot hummus served w/ organic brown rice salad of cucumber, tomato & spinach. Coated in a herb & tahini dressing.

Tamari Tofu Bowl

Organic marinated tofu mixed w/ greens, snow peas, red onion, toasted almonds, topped w/ tamari vinaigrette

The Brekky Burrito

Scrambled eggs or tofu w/ organic house-made bean mixture, cheese, & basil oil, wrapped up in a crispy tortilla served w/ a side of avo & tomato

+ vegan cheese 1

The Namaste Bowl

Organic marinated tofu on a bed of soba noodles, pickled red cabbage, fresh tomato, cucumber, lettuce toasted seeds w/ creamy peanut lime dressing

The Vegan Shnitz

Porcini mushroom and buckwheat patty served w/ pickles, mustard, mayo, caramelised onion tomato and lettuce on white sourdough

Cheesy Bean Quesadilla

House-made organic bean mixture, spinach & cheese placed between tortilla wraps, fried until golden served w/ avo, grilled corn & fresh bruschetta

+ vegan cheese 2

Meredith’s Avo Smash

Smashed lemon avo served on toasted seeded sourdough, w/ creamy Meredith’s goat’s cheese, organic greens, & a touch of chili oil

+ House-made vegan goats cheese 4

Toasted Seeded Sourdough

Choice of Vegemite, jam or honey or House-made organic nut butter + 2


Choice of:

The Thyme Shroom 10

Baked Beans and Cheese 8

+ vegan cheese 2

Hot Drinks


Espresso | Ristretto | Long black | Piccolo | Macchiato $3

Latte | Flat white | Cappuccino $3.5

Mocha | Hot chocolate | H.M Sticky Chai Latte   $5


Large | Extra Shot | Soy, Coconut or Almond Milk | 50C


Lavender Latte  $5 

The syrup is made fresh by us, only from the purest lavender & agave


The Pink Velvet  $5 

A super-food concoction of beetroot powder, maca, cinnamon & more


Matcha Latte  $4.5 

Finest ground matcha tea, agave syrup & frothy milk


Turmeric and Ginger  $4.5 

Our special blend of turmeric & ginger, sweet with a hint of spice


BLACK    $4

English Breakfast | Earl Grey  


HERBAL   $4                                                   

Sencha Green | Lemongrass and Ginger

Peppermint | Dandelion

Honey Bush

Cold Drinks

Spiced Berry Bomb

Cherries, blueberries and strawberries mixed with five secret spices, blended with acai & maca, to keep you glowing from the inside out.

Choco-Coconut Protein 

Organic cacao, banana, dates mixed w/ rich coconut milk & only the finest vegan protein to keep you fuller for longer. 

Turmeric Tango

Freshly ground turmeric, sweet mango, cashews, dates & chia seeds, this is sure to keep your immune system strong,

Epic Green

Zesty and fresh flavours of lemon, mint parsley, kale, cucumber & celery, rich with antioxidants & full of detoxifying benefits


+ Vegan Protein Powder for some extra gains  1

The Magic Potion   $7

A colour changing housemade vanilla lemonade, that’s thirst quenching & refreshing for summer 


Iced Pumpkin Spiced Latte  $9.5

Roasted Pumpkin, spices, maple syrup, served w/ coconut whipped cream & cinnamon


Oreo Shake   $9.5

Oreos blended and crushed together topped w/ coconut whipped cream


+ Soy, Coconut or Almond Milk 1

Banana | Mango | Berry

Yogurt or Ice-Cream

Milk of choice




Extra egg – 3

Tomatoes/Spinach/ Mushrooms – 3

Avocado/Haloumi/Goats cheese – 4

Honey – 2

Vegemite/Berry Jam – 1

Vegan aioli – 1.5

Chutney – 2

GF bread – 1.5

GF wraps – 2

House-made nut butter – 2